Special Events

Meet the Year 7 Tutors

This video will introduce you to the Year 7 tutor team for next year.

Year 8 Class of 2020 Memories Video

We have really enjoyed watching you grow and change over the last four years and this is your chance to look back over the journey. We hope you enjoy looking back over the many photos we have taken and a chance to see how much you have grown up.

Year 8 Leavers' Award Assembly

Returning to School Video

We have created this video to help pupils understand how school will be different when they return to school following the Corona virus school closure period. We would suggest that all pupils returnng to school, and those who may have been in school already, watch this video to help with organisation on the first day. There will be lots of staff on duty and the first day back will be a chance to go over these arrangements and make sure that all pupils are clear on the new procedures.

Apollo ~ One Giant Leap Event Film

Our pupils were involved in a major arts project in July 2019 and this video will show you what was involved and the fantastic final event at 'Moonbury' rings in Dorcester.

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